Band Bio

Since they hit the scene in the summer of 2011, Little Walter & the Convictions have been winning over local fans and critics alike with their live club renditions of the greatest hits of the 60’s rock music scene. From the Animals and the Beatles to the Yardbirds and the Zombies, the music of the 60’s represents for many music fans the zenith of live rock’n’roll, with its infectious garage band beat and mod melodies. Little Walter & the Convictions capture the wonderful magic of live rock’n’roll from the seminal era of the 60’s.

Based in Staunton, Virginia, Little Walter and the Convictions are: 

Mike Ritchie

Joe Bandish

Lewis Bagwell

Rusty Whitesell

John Whitfield

These guys have all been playing music since the late 1960's. The guys were playing in various popular bands at venues across Virginia and neighboring states since the late 60's. Good fortune brought the five of them together in November 2010, when they found that the power and passion of the music that had first inspired them to play rock'n'roll still held its spell. But now, they could play this music with the strength and power of veteran musicians. It was like renewing a romance with the love of your life. So, yes, Little Walter & the Convictions are playing this music with conviction. From the Animals and the Beatles to the Youngbloods and the Zombies, Little Walter & the Convictions are recreating the music that made rock'n'roll magic.