Looking for a Wedding Band?

You found us! Little Walter & the Convictions could be the perfect band for your wedding reception. Why? 

• We perform great music that appeals to Baby Boomers and Millennials alike – you and your guests will instantly recognize all our classic rock and soul songs.

• We feature strong lead vocals, 3-part harmonies, and a dynamic band that can rock the house or softly serenade the wedding couple’s parents.

• We are professionals, not just from the standpoint of performing great music, but also in making sure everything is done right, on time, and just as the wedding party envisions.

• We are fully self-contained, with top of the line sound and lighting systems.

• Torn between hiring a DJ vs. a live band? Have the best of both worlds: give us your playlist, or tell us what you’d like on it, and we’ll play it over our sound system during the band’s breaks, or whenever you like!

• Want some special songs? We can do that.

• We won’t break the bank. We play for the love of making music, not for the love of money.

• We’ve lost count of all the weddings we’ve played, but we promise yours would be special for us and for your guests – because we know we’re only as good as our last performance, so we’re always striving for our best.

Use this easy Booking Inquiry Form, or send us an email, a text, or give us a call. We’d love to check our availability and see if we can be the perfect wedding band for your wedding. 

John Whitfield for 

Little Walter & the Convictions

johnedwardwhitfield@gmail.com            (540) 280-2633